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发布时间: 2013 - 11 - 29
The grinder is a national 863 support project in 2008.The machine tool adopts the grinding method which is based on the grinding point cut. It does not need the auxiliary mechanism such as eccentric fixture, indexing device and so on. Using imported spindle system, the maximum speed of CBN grinding wheel can reach 120m/s. We have developed the interpolation software of the crankshaft cutting point tracking and grinding, and the grinding point of the grinding wheel is always following the rotation of the crankshaft to realize the high precision grinding of the crankshaft. The feed of the grinding wheel is driven by straight line, which has the characteristics of high acceleration response. At the same time, the rigidity and the sensitivity of the grinding wheel are improved by using the sel...
发布时间: 2017 - 02 - 28
And the grinding liquid by paper filtering and magnetic separation of water mist and dust; the dust suction device, the operator only need materials up and down, a person can see the number of machine tools, so the production efficiency is high, suitable for all kinds of automobile engine, motorcycle engine and diesel engine production manufacturers.Main structure and technical characteristicsThe bearing structure of high speed motorized spindle is in our own intellectual property and has been successfully used for many years in the high-speed grinding machine "gap cavity hole type oil return throttling liquid hydrostatic bearing on the prototype formed by an improved design. With a good bearing stiffness (up to 340N/ m), high rotary accuracy (radial, axial runout is less than 0.002mm...
发布时间: 2017 - 02 - 28
该设备是2009年国家重大专项支持项目。可以解决工程陶瓷、微晶玻璃、硬质合金、人造宝石晶体等超硬材料、钛合金、不锈钢、镍基铁氧体材料等耐热合金材料以及复合涂层材料等难加工材料轴类零件的精密加工问题,适用于航天航空、国防军工等行业中的特定材料零件的加工。MKG1320超高速数控外圆磨床可配备自主研制的超高速电主轴砂轮架及进口电主轴砂轮架,线速度可高达150m/s。借助AE在线监控系统可实时监测砂轮的磨削及修正工况,为快速正确确定磨削工艺提供可靠依据。自动跟踪定心中心架的采用可大幅提高细长工件加工的尺寸及形状精度,另配合全功能在线量仪可大大提高生产效率,有效降低生产成本。超高速电主轴超高速电主轴采用油冷电机后置动静压电主轴系统。主要由液体动静压轴承系统、主轴动平衡系统、电机冷却系统及高速CBN砂轮组成。       通过液体动静压轴承的优化设计,可保证主轴的平稳启动及高速运转时的主轴刚度。主轴由后置电机直接驱动,通过精确控制转子与定子的同轴度及间隙可有效消除驱动单元给主轴系统带来的扰动。       主轴系统由砂轮架主轴、CBN砂轮及在线动平衡仪组成。砂轮主轴加工后做精密动平衡,为保证砂轮装卸后主轴系统的动平衡,本机采用进口SBS在线动平衡仪对主轴系统进行精密动平衡控制。另外,设计过程中采用有限元法对砂轮架系统及整机作振动性能分析,并通过实验确保砂轮架在工作速度范围内整机不发生谐振。一系列关键问题的解决可保证砂轮架在高速状态下稳定工作。 主轴动平衡本公司MKG1320超高速外圆磨床采用CBN砂轮,当CBN砂轮高速旋转时,其修整状态,磨削状态都无法像普通砂轮磨削和修整时用人工观察并进行控制。在磨削和修整期间,砂轮和工件都会产生一定频谱的噪声,其主要分布在超声波的范围内,与其他外界产生的噪音(...
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Application of grinding fluid on grinding machine

Date: 2016-12-06
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Grinding is one of the most common machining methods in metal cutting. The grinding surface is of high precision, and the dimension tolerance grade can reach IT5 ~ IT6, with high surface finish. Another feature of grinding is not only can be a variety of carbon steel, cast iron, non-ferrous metals, but also to grind high hardness of hardened steel, all kinds of cutting tools and cemented carbide [1]. In the grinding process, the grinding wheel and the workpiece material can occur between grinding and scratching and scratching, resulting in a large number of grinding heat, planing, milling and cutting in different ways, planing, milling cutter cutting mode is about 70% ~ 80% of the heat accumulation in the chip flows away, coming into the workpiece material about 10% ~ 20%, the incoming tool is less than 5%, but due to grinding of metal material is grinding thin, about 60% to 90% calories was introduced into the workpiece, only less than 10% of the heat is grinding away, resulting in a large number of grinding heat on the surface of the workpiece, the grinding zone temperature can reach 400 to 1000 DEG C about 2, in such a high temperature, material deformation and the grinding wheel will burn, serious wear, grinding quality. In order to reduce the grinding temperature, reduce the abrasion of the grinding wheel, prolong the life of the grinding wheel, and improve the surface quality, it is necessary to choose the appropriate grinding fluid.

Most grinding processing precision and roughness of the workpiece is relatively high, so the use of grinding fluid, so it requires the following functions:

(1) cooling function grinding fluid should have better cooling function than other working fluids. It can take a lot of heat in the grinding area, reduce the grinding temperature, improve the durability of the grinding wheel and improve the production efficiency.

(2) in the grinding process, the grinding wheel must bear the working pressure. The grinding fluid can penetrate into the tiny gap between the grinding wheel and the surface of the workpiece to form a thin film, which can reduce the friction factor, prolong the life of the grinding wheel and improve the surface finish of the workpiece.

(3) the debris produced in the grinding process and the falling sand on the grinding wheel can be attached to the workpiece and the grinding wheel if it can not be washed away quickly. Impact on workpiece precision and surface finish. So it is necessary to have good cleaning performance.

(4) if the grinding fluid can not provide good antirust function, it may cause the workpiece to rust, so that the product can be scrapped. Therefore, the grinding fluid with certain antirust property should be selected.

Through the use of several kinds of grinding fluid and dry grinding compared to the lubrication effect, the use of grinding fluid processing lubrication effect, in the high-speed operation of the process, the grinding wheel surface and the workpiece surface friction. Grinding pressure is very high, the maximum temperature of 1000 degrees celsius. At this time, if the use of grinding fluid can not play a good lubrication function, it will cause serious wear wheel, reducing the processing accuracy and surface finish. In addition, whether the grinding fluid can penetrate into the grinding zone directly affects the cooling and lubricating effect. Whether it is inside and outside grinding grinding, or grinding, if the nozzle position of grinding fluid on grinding fluid pouring faults resulted in the wrong direction, then the grinding fluid due to high-speed rotating wheel greatly hindered the air can not enter the grinding zone, so that the machining process in grinding can not be cooled, then grinding the grinding heat liquid on the grinding zone has no cooling effect on the whole of the work can only reduce the temperature effect. There exists grinding fluid grinding costs, environmental issues and influence health problems of several processors.

In the grinding process, the use of appropriate grinding fluid, to improve the surface finish, the effect is often greater than the thickness of grinding. In order to effectively ensure the best function of grinding fluid, so that the four functions of the real implementation, to play its role, I think we must strengthen the following work:

(1) to ensure that the grinding fluid is not corrupt and deteriorated

1) the reasons for the deterioration and deterioration of grinding fluid

The spoilage of grinding fluid is a result of the rapid propagation of microorganisms under certain conditions, which results in the biochemical changes of grinding fluid. Microorganisms that cause spoilage include fungi, bacteria and yeasts. These fungi can be found in the atmosphere, soil, rivers, natural objects and so on. There are several kinds of representative bacteria in the degradation of grinding fluid:

A, copper green gram bacillus: one of the main bacteria of grinding fluid spoilage.

B, sulfate reducing bacteria: another major bacteria in the grinding fluid odor, under anaerobic conditions, there are rust. Scale, it can reduce the sulfate, hydrogen sulfide, the smell; hydrogen sulfide corrosion of iron.

C, yeast: bacteria will produce strong enzymes, so that grinding fluid sticky, corrupt.

2) conditions for rapid propagation of microorganisms

A, nutrient source fully: grinding fluid for the reproduction of microorganisms to provide a full range of organic matter (carbohydrates, fatty acids, fatty alcohols......) Minerals and trace elements, nitrogen compounds (organic nitrates, etc.), as well as sulfur, phosphorus, etc..

B, oxygen: aerobic bacteria will produce light odor, anaerobic bacteria will produce odor, facultative anaerobic bacteria will produce light odor.

C, temperature: bacteria in 30 ~ 37 degrees easy to breed, mold in 20 ~ 30 degrees of easy reproduction.

D, pH value: bacteria in pH7.0 ~ 8.5 easy to breed, mold in pH4.5 ~ 7 easy to breed, pH>9 bacteria, fungi breeding probability is the smallest.

3) grinding fluid corruption

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