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The device is 2008 National 863 support program.The machine adopts the square structure layout, the tail frame is fixedly mounted _disibledevent=Main structure and technical characteristicsGrinding wheel spindle systemThe big wheel spindle ...
The machine tool is equipped with a radial automatic on-line measuring device, which realizes the full closed loop control of the X axis of the grinding wheel frame, and ensures the machining parts meet the strict precision requirement in t...
MKS8140 high speed CNC Crankshaft Grinder, MKS8240 high-speed NC crankshaft grinding machine adopts imported computer and AC servo drive control system of axes motion, can be equipped with automatic measurement of radial and axial line, whe...
2016 Hunan machine tool industry enterprise investigation documentary -- take the new Hunan machine toolFrom September 2016 to October, Hunan province machine tool industry association president Mr. Xu Shixiong led the team in the lead, the...
Grinder maintenance is very important four points need to knowAt present, many enterprises in the purchase of machine tools, the main concern is the performance and price of the machine tool, the subsequent maintenance of the machine tool b...
Huda Haijie (Hunan) Engineering Technology Co. Ltd. is the Hunan University for technical support, professional high-tech enterprises engaged in high-end CNC grinding equipment and special rail transportation equipment, is the national indu...
Two prize 005 years of scientific and technological progress in Hunan province Huda Haijie -CNC8312 CNC high speed camshaft grinder -2
Huda Haijie Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 1908, is the earliest Hunan government industrial high school workshop. In 1905, the abolition of the imperial examination system opened the modern education, new schools have set...
The grinder is a national 863 support project in 2008.The machine tool adopts the grinding method which is based _disibledevent=The machine tool head and tail frame adopt the torque motor to control the rotation of the crankshaft simultaneo...
In April this year at the thirteenth session of the Chinese International Machine Tool Exhibition, CNC machine tool cutting teeth Changsha machine limited liability company exhibited shine, broke the monopoly of German companies in the proj...
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